Monday, January 23, 2017

Heya all!

I am super short on time today (Sister Fehoko and I locked ourselves out of the house, with the car keys in the house too, and of course our phone is currently not working, so we had to walk to the chapel and get a hold of someone to come help us.... That took forever.)

Anyway. I'll keep it short. Just want ya'll to know that Heavenly Father protects his missionaries, but we still have to work hard.

On Tuesday we had a crazy thing happen.The hill at our house up to the main road is super steep. Below our house is another one. I was backing Sister Fehoko, then I got in the car, and she hit the gas to get up the steep hill... But she forgot to put it in drive. So instead of shooting forward, we shot back and went down the hill. I threw it into drive, but too late. So we were stuck on the hill, holding the brakes and the E brake so it wouldn't roll down  the hill and crash into the house below us. When we let off the brakes, we could feel it move. This hill is super steep, and one of the tires wasn't really on the ground. We called the Elders to come fast and help us. Sister Fehoko got out and helped push, and I slowly switched from the brakes to the gas. Eventually we got it back up, but our front tire was all tore up. We almost called a tow truck, but a local came down and helped us push it up.

I know that just like Nephi, we received helped from Heaven. But we had to do work ourselves, too. Nephi didn't ask God for the materials for a ship to be there for him: he asked where he could mine the ore to make the tools so that he could build a ship.

Ok that's all I have time for today. I learned a lot about knowledge, but I'll tell you next week. This week my Christlike attribute to work on will be virtue.

Work hard, study the scriptures, pray often (like, all the time!!), and Heavenly Father WILL help you in your life.

I poakepoake kumwail!!!

Sister Springer

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