Wednesday, January 11, 2017

This week has been insane. Found the wall. Still climbing over it. Missions are tough. Prayer is real. God is there waiting for you to go to him, so don't blame him if you feel distant. 

I don't remember if I said what I was going to work on this week, but it was obedience. If I said something else, just kidding, because I needed to learn a lesson about obedience this week, and let me tell you, I have learned lots about obedience. Be exactly obedient, even if you don't know why! Just like Adam, sometimes we don't know why we have the rules we do "save the Lord commanded" us to do them. Shouldn't that be reason enough for us? I know that when we obey, and obey exactly, blessings come. So be obedient. It's especially important on a mission, but I know it applies to every aspect of our lives.  

So like I said, this week has been insane. So my companion and I are finally solely proselyting in our area, Sekere (long story short, we were proselyting in Sokehs mostly before). Sekere is so sketchy and it'll be interesting since we are whitewashing the area (meaning that we are both new to the area, so we don't know people or where they are or anything. Also, it's been Elders here forever, not Sisters. So that's been interesting). The area book is super thin, so that's been hard. The ward is so small here, and the members are not super strong. There are TONS of Less Actives, mostly because of the Word of Wisdom. Sekere is known for it's Betelnut chewing (highly addictive nut which isn't harmful in itself, but they wrap it in a leaf with a cigarette and lime powder) and Sakau drinking. Also there are lots of Chuukese here, so it's hard because I am learning Pohnpeian, not Chuukese or Mortlockese, which is what they speak in Sekere mostly. Some still speak Pohnpeian though, so it'll be alright. 

Learning a new language is hard, and I have learned relying on the Lord is so important. Stay strong, District 32A! Don't let Satan distract you from the work, because he is working so hard to do so. Turn out, and you will see miracles. 
Mom and Jayden, don't be too disappointed in me if my spelling/grammar suck when I come home... Pohnpeian is messing up my English already hahaha.

This week I went on exchanges to Uh with Sister Bowers and we had to walk about 20 minutes to get to a recent converts house (the 12ish year old girl in the picture). We walked through mud and over rocks. Most people take a boat because it's an outer island, but we can't, so we have to walk. My crocs were a little to big, I learned.... So I ended up walking barefoot most of the way because it was impossible to walk with my shoes slipping out from under me constantly. I stuck them in the sun though so they shrunk down and now they fit better. 

Today I am going on exchanges with Sister Russell, the other Sister Training Leader (did I mention Sister Fehoko, my companion, is a STL? I sese. I don't know)

When I come home I swear I will be saying so many things in Pohnpeian and I will have picked up on so many islander habits, you all will laugh at me. But that's ok. I love it hear. It's so true when people say a mission is the hardest and best experience of your life. I cannot wait to see where I will be a year from now, even a month from now. I feel like I have my mouth up to a firehouse, and am trying to take in as much as I can. I thought that was only in the MTC, but boy was I wrong.

Anyway, gotta run! Catch up with ya'll next week!!

Sister Springer

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