Monday, February 13, 2017

It was so hot this week!! One day was 100 degrees, and 100% humidity. At least it wasn't walking Wednesday though. Sister Behling (from Kolonia, which is where all the stores and stuff is) said it gets hotter during the full moon. That's probably why.

This week was kind of crazy. Last weekend I went to Mesihsou with Sister Pokipala again while Sister Fehoko and Sister Russell went to Guam. We were teaching a lesson at a bus stop on the side of the road, and it started out well. Then a father started beating his daughter across the street and yelling really loud. You could hear the stick hitting her and her crying.... There went the Spirit... It was so hard to listen to and not be able to do anything. He was beating her because she slept over at a friends house or something. Apparently beatings happen frequently here, especially beating children. Super sad. 

I won't lie. Sekere has been really hard. Trying to learn Pohnpeian where everyone speaks Mortlockese is not easy. But it's coming. I notice on the days when we don't do language study (like P-days and Sundays), my Pohnpeian isn't as good. But I am finding ways that work better for learning the language for me. Having a language book and writing things down really helps. 

Learning a lot about being bold, too, especially when extending commitments. Yesterday we were teaching Cartwright, and he brought up baptism. He said that his family said he is crazy for wanting to listen to "the Mormons", and he was so mad at them, that he wanted to be baptised right then just to spite them. He also mentioned he was talking to someone he met on the street about the scripture in the bible that says don't hide your candle under a bushel: let it shine for the world to see. He said he wants to share the light he is receiving from others with the Gospel. He has come so far already. It's really cool to see.

Saturday we were supposed to have a baptism (Kefty), but when the time came we couldn't find him. We finally found him by his dads house, and he said his dad wouldn't let him be baptised. Then he said, I don't care, it's my faith that matters. Let's go, I'm getting baptised. Of course, we couldn't do that. Kefty's dad wants to talk to us, but they went to a funeral yesterday so we haven't had the chance. We will try to see him this week. Sister Fehoko was really discouraged by it. I know there has to be a reason though. Maybe the whole family needs to hear this message first, and they will all get baptised. We have been teaching Kefty, his cousins, and aunts, but not his mom and dad because they live in different places. It'll all work out though. I know God has a plan for them. 

Loid, our other investigator that is on date, was drinking all week. It was really frustrating because he didn't have a problem with that before: just coffee and smoking (not even betel nut!!). And he had gone a couple days without drinking coffee, and was working on not smoking. But every day when we saw him he was drinking or drunk. We finally saw him when he wasn't drunk, and set an appointment. But then we had to go to Mand on Sunday because of the problem with the Sisters there (story of my life being companions with a Sister Training Leader... haha). Hoping to see him this week and see if we can figure out what is going on. I think we might have to put him on the shelf for a bit.... Which is sad, because he read the whole Book of Mormon and believes all of it. 

This morning because of the schedule change we got to start our P-Day at 8AM!!! Yay!!! So we went to a waterfall in Mand. Mand is like an hour drive away (you wouldn't think you could drive an hour on this little rock in the middle of the ocean, but you gotta keep in mind this little rock doesn't have a straight road on it. The roads follow the coast a lot, so they weave in and out. Plus the speed limit never goes over 25) So it took most of the morning. But it was worth it!

Anyway.... That's all for this week. Miss you all! I hope all is well back home! Stay warm, stay safe. I poakepoake kumwail!

Sister Springer

PS, Yes, they have fries here, and yes, I made my own fry sauce. Not gonna go crazy without fry sauce after all ;)

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