Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Power of the Spirit

This week is gonna be shortish. I'll see you all soon enough anyway =p

I'll share one experience/miracle though. 
We felt impressed to work with Felicina again this week. She's been on and off date and on and off the shelf for 5 months now. She's got a pretty rough home life: just as an example, one time we pulled up and the cops pulled up right behind us.. blocking us in so we couldn't leave while they talked to her uncles. I think they were drunk and fighting, but I'm not sure. Anway.... On Thursday, we decided to have a lesson with her, focusing on the temple not just on baptism. It was going great! For the first time in a while, a bunch of her family members were sitting in. We were sitting in a circle, showing them pictures of the temple. Then, while Sister Jenkins was teaching, her uncle Felix walked up. I've always felt Felix was ready to learn, but the problem is he's always drunk. He walked away then came back with his Book of Mormon and a stool, and sat behind everyone. I noticed a bunch of sticky notes in his Book of Mormon- He's been reading it!! Then he cut off Sister Jenkins and said, "Now, Sisters...." and proceeded to ask us about the restoration, which I realized part way through he meant resurrection. I told him we were happy to answer his questions at another time, and we could give him some passages in the Book of Mormon that would help. Sister Jenkins continued while I wrote down Alma 40-42 on a pass along card. Then I stood up to give it to him, because he looked ready to interrupt the lesson again. I stood in front of him, and he began to ask me questions again. I cut him off and said, "Felix, I have a question for you." "Yes?" I looked him directly in the eyes and said, "Are you sober right now?" He looked down and said, "No... I'm sorry" I said,more or less, "Then I cannot teach you. I want to help you find answers to your questions, but I cannot because you cannot feel the Spirit. I know this Book will change your life, but you have to read it when you are sober." 
He  said, "I understand. I can see it in your eyes, I know you think I'm not a good person." 
"No, your Heavenly Father loves you so much. And you have great potential. I know Jesus Christ loves you too, because I can feel it. All the questions you have, Heavenly Father is waiting to answer them. This Gospel, this Book, will answer all your questions. You just have to be sober when you read it."  He looked me in the eye and said, "Thank you, Sister. Thank you." He shook my hand. I implored him once again to read the Book of Mormon again. 
This is one of the times on my mission I could really feel the Spirit speaking through me. I felt so much love for this broken old man who stood in front of me, and I knew that our Savior just wanted to heal him. He just needs to come unto Him. I truly am blessed to be in this mission, inviting all to come unto Christ, "That [He] might heal them". (See 3 Nephi 9 somethin)

Meanwhile, Sister Jenkins kept teaching Felicina, and she's back on date and seems set this time, with her eyes on the Temple!

Oh! Ok, so last Sunday we opened up the translation equipment and found a bunch of corroded batteries..... It was terrible. But we got a couple to work, so we could still translate. After Church we threw all the batteries away. Then yesterday at church, we put new batteries in.... and the transmitter wouldn't turn on. We tried again. Still nothing. We said a prayer. Still nothing. Then, I remembered a talk from General Conference about praying for what you can do to help the problems you face, instead of praying for Heavenly Father to fix them. I had a thought to gently hit the transmitter by the antennae, so I did. And it turned on!! And worked great! Prayer works!! Listen to the promptings you receive!!! 

This week I've also been praying with a notebook by me so I can write down impressions. I encourage you all to do that as well. It's completely changed my prayers!!! I've learned so much more about how I receive personal revelation. Thank you, President Nelson for the counsel!!

So much for a short email......
Love you all, have an excellent week, and read your Book of Mormon every day!!!
Sister Springer
April 2018 MLC

Sisters Dinner with the McCormicks (Senior Military Couple)

Sisters Pokipala, Springer, Jenkins, Jones

Trainers and Trainees: Top: Sister Jones, Pokipala, Springer Bottom: Sisters Dalton, Stapley, Jenkins

Intake(from the MTC): Elder Robertson, Sisters jones, Pokipala, Springer