Sunday, December 11, 2016

Last Pday at the MTC

Hey all! Hope you enjoyed the snow. It was cold here, but at least we were inside like, all day, every day.... Ha.... Not. 

Just another crazy week at the MTC. This past week was actually kind of rough. But Heavenly Father, as always, sustains the diligent and faithful, the downtrodden and suffering, through it all. If you are feeling down right now, just keep taking one step at a time. You'll pull through, I promise you.

So I realized in my last email I didn't get to tell you all too much about my district. I told you who was in it, but not about them. 
Just know they are all so strong in their own ways. So many leaders and teachers have commented on the strength we have as a district. I know it's gotta be true, because at the same time Satan was working on us all SO hard. One Elder went home, but only because it was the right thing for him personally to do. ​​
As I said, Satan has been working so hard on us. But so has Heavenly Father. We are on His side, and He has strengthened us sooo much. I guess I should maybe tell you about my week one day at a time. 

Wednesday was good. I actually don't remember too much about it.... Probably because Thursday was so good.

Thursday was Thanksgiving. Food wasn't too bad (doesn't compare to yours though, mom)​. It was a fairly relaxed day. The morning was really cool, because the sisters in my district got together to thank all the Elders for everything (because we seriously have the BEST Elders in our district). We wrote thank you notes and decorated our classroom whiteboard, and gave them cinnamon rolls and chocolates. It was a lot of fun to surprise them. I am going to miss everyone in my district. 

Elder Anderson spoke at the morning devotional. He was just like a grandpa! I loved it. I was sitting like 4 rows back and he walked past. Even though I was too far to shake his hand, we made eye contact. It was super cool. 

The Humanitarian project we did was super cool. We worked with the organization called "Feed the Children Everywhere" and made 359,000 meals for hungry kids. It was super fun: Sister Jones, Sister Pokipala, me, and a bunch of other Elders and Sisters sang almost the whole time. Pretty sure they recorded us, so maybe watch in the news or something for us. (yeah, I sang.... crazy what a mission will do to you when you are deprived of music for so long.... haha)

The Evening devotional was really cool too. A bunch of people shared their talents with us. Yay for guitars!!! I hope someone on my mission can play a musical instrument, otherwise I might go crazy.. or at least drive my companion crazy with my off-key singing haha.

Saturday was great, but a little rough.... Studying for long hours is always rough, locked in a small room. We are getting better at focusing though.

Sunday was so Spiritual and awesome, as usual. The Devotional was AWESOME!! I might have to tell you bout it later though, I am out of time. Brother Stephen Allen spoke, the managing director of the missionary department. It was hilarious, inspiring, and an answer to my prayers.

Yesterday was also good. 

Pdays are great, but not long enough... So I am basically out of time. But last note: I said last week I was going to work on an attribute of Christ each week. Last week was faith. To sum what I learned, you can increase your faith by reading and studying the BofM. Read with a question in mind: you will find answers, no matter what. Just take time to think and ponder. 

This week will be diligence. I will need, it, in prep for heading out into the field next Monday. We leave sooo early in the morning and don't get to Guam until like 6pm on Tuesday (long flight and time change... yeah....)

Anyway, gotta go. I love you all!! I hope life is treating you well. I probably won't be able to respond to anything until Dec 12th, but I don't know. 

Until next time,

Sister Springer

PS I feel like I have so much more I want to say, but no time to say it..... So I guess what I have time for will have to suffice. I am learning so much so fast, it's hard to put a whole week into one email.

PPS: also, I went to the temple for the last time today for the next 18 months. That'll be hard: there is so much you can learn there. I encourage you all to go every chance you can. It's a beautiful place, where you can renew your strength and feel of Heavenly Father's love.